Exploring The Expanding Opportunities Between China And ASEAN

China has been pushing forward with AI technology, as evidenced by dedicated centers such as the China-ASEAN (Huawei) AI Innovation Center in Guangxi and the Big Data Center in Guizhou. These initiatives further their efforts to keep up with the latest development in this field.

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, recently visited China to strengthen further the bilateral relationships between the two countries. This shows a commitment to maintaining and strengthening the strategic partnerships between Malaysia and China.

In the past 10 years, Malaysia has developed an extensive relationship with China, making them its major trading partner. Furthermore, AI technology is being adopted much more quickly due to the influence of Chinese involvement in the region.

Power of AI Technology With Innovative Solutions

China continuously advances its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with initiatives such as the China-ASEAN (Huawei) AI Innovation Center in Guangxi and the Big Data Center in Guizhou. These are evidence of their commitment to keeping up with new AI advancements.

Using successful AI initiatives as reference points while promoting cross-regional technological transfers, particularly in cloud-based intelligent systems, is something that ASEAN countries could benefit from in developing their strategic AI blueprints.

Late February 2023 saw the ASEAN Media conduct a Digital China Media Tour to promote closer cooperation and exchange between China and ASEAN. They visited several key AI development companies to spread awareness about the potential for further progress in this field.

Joint talent cultivation in AI is essential for achieving sustained, long-term collaborations between China and ASEAN. Strategic AI applications can benefit such partnerships with increasingly advanced methods like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Edge Computing seeping into all economic areas.

Unlock Your Potential With AI Talents And Resources

More comprehensive and wide-reaching talent programs are needed to raise awareness about AI among local populations than Huawei is doing in cooperation with the National University of Singapore Business Analytics Center – a program focusing on developing AI talents.

Upskill ASEAN Youth For Future Success With AI Technology

Upskilling of ASEAN youth in AI is essential for the future success of the digital economy. Public AI talent development and upskill programs will be key in empowering these young individuals and paving their way to greatness.

The growing collaboration between China and ASEAN in AI exchange presents a unique opportunity for both regions to work together to create a more prosperous and innovative future. As this partnership continues to evolve, it will be important to address these challenges and work towards building a sustainable and inclusive AI ecosystem that benefits all.

Source: Business News Malaysia

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