Epic To Utilize Microsoft’s GPT-4 For Electronic Health Records

Following its research and development senior vice president Seth Hain’s enthusiasm, Epic is eager to integrate Microsoft’s AI-based GPT-4 technology into its EHRs. Hain believes that will mark a “transformational” milestone for the healthcare sector.

Mr. Hain says:

“We’ll use it to help physicians and nurses spend less time at the keyboard and to help them investigate data in more conversational, easy-to-use ways,”

Azure OpenAI offers a tool that is available to use. Microsoft Azure provides access to a tool that can be employed.

The use of GPT-4 in EHRs represents an important step forward for the healthcare industry, demonstrating the potential of AI technology to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare operations. Healthcare providers and technology companies need to continue collaborating and innovating in this area, to ensure that the benefits of AI are maximized while minimizing potential risks.

Source: beckershospitalreview.com

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