Elon Musk’s Vision For Artificial Intelligence: Taking AI Into The Future

Liberal bias is an issue that plagues current AI systems. This problem pertains to the fact that these systems are not properly calibrated to consider different points of view and perspectives. As such, it can be difficult for them to make unbiased decisions, leading to inaccurate outcomes.

The figures of President Donald Trump and Elon Musk are deemed “controversial” by OpenAI’s ChatGPT system. At the same time, President Joe Biden and Bill Gates are acknowledged to not fall under the same category.

Musk is allegedly assembling a group of AI professionals and taking charge of creating an option for ChatGPT. He seems determined to handle the matter himself.

The founder of Gab, a right-wing social media platform, is reportedly developing AI software in addition to his creation.

He says:

“The ability to generate content freely without the constraints of liberal propaganda wrapped tightly around its code.”

For several months now, Musk has conflicted with the “woke” forms of AI, which can be deceptive. He believes these AI types are a threat and must be fought against.

Musk is warning of the potential damage that can be done if AI systems are taught to be “woke,” or to lie. He believes this could have potentially catastrophic effects.

Elon Musk asserts that Artificial Intelligence (AI) development should be put on “pause” due to the potential risks it could pose to society, an action that makes him anxious.

Musk warned that the newer, more advanced Artificial Intelligence technology risks our society and humanity and warns about the potential manipulation of information as propaganda. He signed this letter emphasizing his concerns.

In February, Musk highlighted that ChatGPT views former President Trump and himself as “controversial” individuals yet does not label President Biden and Bill Gates similarly.

Musk has proposed a six-month moratorium on advancing new Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems due to the potentially dangerous applications for this technology. This break would enable further research and discussion about appropriate safeguards to ensure its safe development.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 has recently been released, offering impressive performance on professional and academic tasks. Despite this, Elon Musk has been critical of the model due to its pro-Biden slant – for instance, it generated a poem praising Biden while refusing to do so regarding Donald Trump.

In December, Musk tweeted at OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, warning that training an AI to be woke – i.e., to lie – is incredibly dangerous. He expressed his fear that this could prove to be deadly.

David Rozado, a professor in New Zealand, experimented on a chatbot using a set of quizzes. Throughout the more than a dozen trials, he identified bias leaning towards “liberal,” “progressive,” as well as “Democratic” political stances.

A new experiment dubbed “RightWingGPT” has been launched by Alejandro Rozado, a professor at Te Pūkenga-New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. This experiment aims to teach the system to produce conservative-leaning answers.

Musk’s efforts highlight the need for greater awareness and regulation of AI development. As AI advances, it is essential to ensure that it is developed and deployed safely and responsibly. By taking a proactive approach to AI development, Musk is contributing to this important conversation and helping shape this transformative technology’s future.


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