Dow Wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award – Celebrating AI Innovation

Dow was recently presented with a 2023 Artificial Intelligence Award in recognition of its development of a technology that can identify and predict metal coating corrosion failures with the aid of computer vision.

Using the patent-pending technology developed by their global Coating Materials Research & Development team, Dow has demonstrated the potential impact of digitalization in the industry.

Dow Paint Vision is based on science and can be relied upon to expedite the innovation of paint and coatings. Its data-driven features offer great convenience, helping professionals streamline their formulation process.

Dow, a renowned company, is greatly supported by A.N. Sreeram, who occupies the top post of Senior Vice President, Research & Development, and Chief Technology Officer.

A.N. Sreeram says:

“This newly standardized image processing plan will allow our researchers to predict the durability of coatings formulations to further enable the manufacturing of longer-lasting applications.”

I am customizing both the hardware and software of the new imaging technology allows for capturing images in a consistent format with tagging of context and metadata.

Accurately digitizing coatings’ appearance can be accomplished through this approach, eradicating inconsistencies caused by human perception. Therefore, the approach eliminates the inaccuracy due to individual interpretations.

A convolutional neural network was used by Dow scientists in a study that validated its corrosion performance predictions with human ratings, exceeding 90% accuracy.

The centralized database stores the results of algorithm development and improvement, acting as a historical record. This database is made available to aid in future developments.

The Business Intelligence Group proudly presents the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Awards, honoring companies, solutions, and people who use AI to address modern challenges. These awards salute those who bring AI to life and have turned this technology into reality.

Dow’s recognition for AI Excellence Award is a well-deserved recognition of the company’s leadership and innovation in AI. As the importance of AI in business operations and customer interactions continues to grow, companies like Dow are setting a standard for excellence in adopting and applying these powerful technologies.

Source: Midland Daily News

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