Devi AI

Devi AI

Devi AI is an AI-powered social media manager that automates monitoring leads, outreach, content creation, and scheduling across multiple platforms such as Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other popular social media networks. It simplifies the tasks associated with managing a business’s online presence by automating activities like sending messages or posts at predetermined times and tracking customer interactions for follow-ups. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, Devi AI helps businesses save time while expanding their reach to potential customers on various social media channels.

It helps users keep track of specific keywords on social media platforms, quickly identifying potential leads. It also allows users to generate customized responses and messages tailored to the individual customer or prospect. Furthermore, content creation is simplified by including content prompts, and posts can be scheduled with just a single click. All in all, this type of tool makes managing a presence on social media much easier.

Devi AI is a revolutionary automated sales tool trusted and used by over 1000 companies. It provides an efficient, automated process for lead generation with its Intent-Outreach feature, thus saving time and money. Additionally, Devi AI can be easily accessed through its free Chrome Extension – making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking to generate high-intent leads quickly and cost-effectively.

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