DASA Launches Fund To Support AI In Sub-Threshold Conflict Resolution

The Ministry of Defence’s intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance activities are the focus of a DASA-led funding competition on AI. The Defence and Security Accelerator has opened the contest to explore AI’s role in such pursuits.

Under the Artificial Intelligence Programme of the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory, an activity entitled “Scoping out the Grey Zone” is being conducted. It aims to examine all activity that falls below the legal threshold of armed conflict – called the sub-threshold information environment.

Humans and automated systems have been assisting each other in observing data from physical, virtual, and cognitive dimensions. Through this observation process, they act on the information gathered to achieve a desired outcome.

DASA is looking for ideas to allow the defense sector to utilize AI and advance its ability to recognize potentially hostile activities and ascertain their motivation slop. Possible action-reaction step senge areas are featured in this competition: indicators and warnings, intent and attribution, and courses of action.

DASA is allocating £800,000 for proposals up to £300,000 deadline for application submission is 6 June 2024. This funding period is required to be completed within six months ending March 2024.

With the rise of hybrid warfare and other forms of non-traditional threats, it has become increasingly important for nations to invest in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the curve. The new fund will provide a unique opportunity for innovators to develop AI solutions that can help to detect and respond to these emerging threats.

It is hoped that this initiative will lead to the creation of new technologies that will enhance the safety and security of the UK and its allies. Overall, this is a positive development in defense technology and signals the continued importance of innovation and collaboration in maintaining a secure global environment.

Source: UKAuthority

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