Companies Paying Record High Salaries For People With Good At ChatGPT

Companies offer hefty six-figure salaries to a select few with experience using next-gen AI chatbots. They efficiently get desired outcomes from them amidst the worry of the world over ChatGPT taking away jobs.

Some companies offer high salaries, reaching up to $335,000 annually, for individuals to become “prompt engineers.” These professionals would be expected to not only master ChatGPT technology but also act as trainers for other users.

Phelps, an engineer who works for a subsidiary of the consultancy firm Accenture in the UK, is fortunate enough to be employed as an “AI whisperer.” Despite having any degree (history, philosophy, or English), Phelps told Bloomberg that the job position doesn’t require any specific educational background.

Phelps says:

“It’s wordplay.”

“You’re trying to distill the essence or meaning of something into a limited number of words.”

Pursuing various career paths before establishing himself in AI, Phelps is, at 29 years old, an example of how history can play a role in our future endeavors. After studying history, he embarked on a financial consulting journey and eventually shifted his focus to Artificial Intelligence.

On any given day in his job, the AI wiz–young and talented–will be immersed in prompting and interacting with large language models such as ChatGPT. This amounts to writing up to five prompts and having 50 individual conversations.


Those adept at writing prompts can draw huge salaries, particularly in the growing market – like PromptBase – of low-hanging fruit gigs. Participants offer prompt-writing skills at rates ranging from $3 to $10 a pop.

Mark Standen, the owner of an AI, automation, and machine learning staffing business in the UK and Ireland, asserts that prompt engineering is “the most dynamic IT sector” he has encountered in his 25-year career. According to him, it is an incredibly fast-moving industry.

Standen says:

“Expert prompt engineers can name their price.”

With salaries of pound sterling equivalents of roughly $50,000, the jobs in the UK begin relatively low. However, according to [Name], some prospective employees in his firm’s database demand between $250,000 and $360,000 per year for these positions.

Naturally, predicting when or if this bubble will burst on the newly-created title is impossible; however, according to a Bloomberg report, this surge in fees and expenses associated with the designation “chartered financial analyst” (CFA) has been steadily increasing.

A six-figure salary for only a few years to generate AI chatbots would be preferable, rather than being displaced by technology. Although it’s similarly challenging work, earning such an income is desirable.

It appears that the startup using ChatGPT isn’t faring very well. It looks like they are struggling to get off the ground and reach success.

Ultimately, the growing emphasis on ChatGPT underscores the importance of human connection and effective communication in the workplace. Individuals can position themselves for career success by cultivating and leveraging these skills. At the same time, companies can benefit from a more engaged and satisfied workforce and, ultimately, improved business outcomes.

Source: Futurism

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