ChatGPT Writes As Author Runs Into Writer’s Block

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, has sought out the AI program ChatGPT for creative assistance – not unprecedented, considering it has already passed tests, written news articles, and generated code.

The individual responsible for creating the blockbuster manga, which is widely regarded as one of the most renowned worldwide, appeared to have been struggling with a case of writer’s block in February.

Hello. This is the author speaking. I am stuck and need help developing a story for One Piece next week. Could you suggest an excellent story? That would be great; his staff posted a video on their Twitter account requesting help.

In seconds, ChatGPT created an adventure where the heroes encountered new acquaintances and fought against menacing foes, including the “Shadow King.”

The program presented the story to Oda to sell it, describe a mysterious tribe and new allies, and put a greater emphasis on one existing character to demonstrate her smarts and mannerisms that his audience would appreciate.

Oda had no mercy when looking over the idea, bluntly stating, “Sorry, it’s boring,” and insisting something more creative be put forward.

The program was acknowledged and praised a second time for creating a narrative in which an extraterrestrial unites with the characters of One Piece and Luffy, the “Pirate King,” to take on a witch and restore its home star that had been demolished by an evil rocket ship.

Oda expressed his gratitude and said he would use the new plotline to create his next chapter in the saga, adding a joke he would draw as it is.

The Straw Hat Pirates, led by the top hat-sporting Luffy, search for the legendary One Piece – a treasure every pirate desires.

The story’s latest chapter started on July 25 in Shonen Jump, a Japanese weekly manga magazine.

Since the first edition was released in 1997, the series has sold more than 100 volumes and achieved remarkable sales figures.

Oda achieved a Guinness World Record for having the highest amount of copies published by one author for a single comic book series.

Ultimately, the success of ChatGPT’s One Piece installment will depend on how well it captures the essence and spirit of the original work. It will also be interesting to see how fans react to the use of AI in the creative process.

The news that an AI language model is writing the next installment of One Piece raises questions and concerns about the future of artistic expression and the role of technology in the creative process. While AI has potential benefits in creative work, balancing innovation with preserving the authenticity and originality that makes art and literature special is essential.

Source: The Straits Times


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