ChatGPT meets Robinhood? Invest Smarter With The Latest AI-Powered Portfolio Management App

Taking finance to a new level, a new investing platform has utilized artificial intelligence to provide investors with innovation and unprecedented opportunities.

Magnifi is a revolutionary investing platform that utilizes ChatGPT, a computer program, and other cutting-edge technology to provide investors with tailored investment advice. By monitoring portfolios and offering guidance on market changes such as rate hikes or earnings reports, Magnifi equips users with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Vinay Nair, the founder of Magnifi, says:

“It’s a copilot for the self-directed investor,”

“Today brokerages have democratized access to trading, to markets, but they lack intelligence and they lack personalization for the user. Magnifi is trying to democratize intelligence in a personalized way.”

Wall Street is taking more interest in AI and its possibility of disrupting the asset management sector. A study revealed that ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art AI tool, could positively affect investment decisions.

To assess Magnifi’s performance and compare it to professional advisers, I tested it by asking a few questions.

Warren Buffett’s value investing principle states that the Oracle of Omaha tends to buy stocks in companies such as Bank of America, Apple and Coca-Cola. These firms are currently among his biggest holdings.

Using the system, it was possible to evaluate the return and volatility of these three stocks for the past year. Comparing them resulted in a clear picture of their performance.

Secondly, I wanted to check how Magnifi could help me manage the earnings season. I asked it what would affect my hypothetical Amazon holdings when the e-commerce retailer announces their quarterly results.

The robot presented me with the reports of Wall Street analysts concerning the earnings estimates and Amazon’s recent performance over a few quarters.

Finally, inquiring about the effect of rate hikes on my fictitious portfolio that holds the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) provided insight into how rising rates can detrimentally alter bond funds’ performance, supplying past displays of similar scenarios.

Many investors ask generic questions like “how do I get started?” but Nair says the more they engage, the better the system can provide personalized answers. This is because it has more data to collect and analyze from users.

Nair claimed that his company does not reap monetary benefits from trading or payment for order flows. Instead, they have a $14 flat fee per month.

Nair says:

“It’s a very customer aligned model, which gives us no incentives to get them to trade too much, directly or indirectly,”

The partnership between ChatGPT and Robinhood represents a major step forward in investing. As AI advances and becomes more accessible, we expect to see even more innovative solutions that help people make smarter financial decisions and achieve greater financial success.

Source: CNBC

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