ChatGPT: Meet The Workers Taking On Multiple Tasks With AI Technology

Workers have confessed that they are using ChatGPT – a revolutionary chatbot driven by AI – to carry out multiple occupations full-time.

They call themselves ‘overemployed’ because the tool enables them to finish each job’s workload in no more than half the time.

Much of their work includes writing, such as making advertising materials, which the chatbot has shown to be highly capable of doing.

ChatGPT is an AI system trained on much textual information to produce responses similar to humans when presented with specific cues.

The release of the OpenAI start-up’s free technology in December allowed the public to see how much more powerful it had become over recent years.

Employees with too much work find that ChatGPT enables them to finish their assignments at least half the time, permitting them to simultaneously take on a second job.

Utilization of it happened quickly for various purposes, including taking tests, giving sermons, developing software, drafting legal paperwork, and providing relationship advice. These are only some examples.

What Is ChatGPT? The AI-Powered Writing Assistant Tool

ChatGPT is a powerful language model trained to utilize a large amount of text data, causing it to create almost human-like text when given input.

ChatGPT, a model developed by OpenAI, uses Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), a machine learning technique. This allows the model to imitate conversations, answer follow-up queries, detect mistakes it has made, refute wrong assumptions, and reject inappropriate requests.

The system will generate text responding to user requests and can craft essays, lyrics, narratives, advertising slogans, dialogues, grievances, and verses.

Nearly half a year after its introduction, users of ChatGPT have become increasingly adept at utilizing the system to make their employers believe they are dedicating all their attention to the job. However, these same users may have multiple other employers under the same impression.

Ben, a worker whose identity has been altered for anonymity, expressed to Vice that ChatGPT does about 80 percent of his job. Ben is employed in marketing for financial technology companies and initially heard about doing multiple roles throughout the pandemic.

In the second half of 2021, stories began to emerge of people taking advantage of the drastic move towards telecommuting by getting a second job.

Despite many layoffs and financial instability, some people were not motivated solely by greed but rather by a lack of economic security.

Ben, from Toronto, had an extremely demanding job that prevented him from participating in the highly competitive workforce. However, when he found out about ChatGPT, his life changed. He and plenty of his co-workers in the marketing industry could take advantage of AI technology to find data promptly or come up with written content almost identical to what a human could create.

He was so impressed with how much time he had saved using ChatGPT to complete the workload that he wondered if he could take another job. And sure enough, earlier this year, he decided to give it a go and used the same technology, ChatGPT, when writing his cover letters during the application process.

The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in December made the public aware of how advanced technology has become recently. An employee can give the AI a template and some background information as an initial prompt, and it will create a preliminary version of their product in mere minutes for marketing purposes.

How ChatGPT Helps Reduce Employee Workload And Increase Efficiency

– Generate marketing materials

– Write code

– Write programs for Microsoft Excel

– Transcribe Zoom meetings

– Write professional human-like messages and emails

He can provide ChatGPT with a template and contextual information as an initial stimulus, quickly generating the story’s skeleton.

Ben declared that the latest release of GPT-4, a more potent iteration of its predecessor, is even better at grasping his particular needs.

Ben says:

‘I can just tell it to create a story and it just does it for me, based off the context that I gave it,’

Ben mentioned that the output from ChatGPT usually requires minor modifications as it may contain errors. Some personnel thinks this will preserve their positions despite AI since their experience and knowledge are still necessary to assess what has been produced. For his manager’s messages, Ben relies on ChatGPT, too; these need to be written in lowercase so they appear to have been composed by a busy worker.

Another employee utilizes the technology to transcribe Zoom meetings so they don’t have to be attentive during them and can review the notes afterward. Moreover, a thrice-employed financial reporter said that he uses ChatGPT to program Microsoft Excel, reducing processes that usually take two weeks to hours.

Some tech giants, such as Elon Musk, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak and the late Stephen Hawking, think that artificial intelligence has become so powerful that it is a major threat to humanity. Contrastingly, Bill Gates and Google CEO Sundar Pichai have hailed AI as “the most significant innovation in our time.” Their view is backed up by one worker who told Vice that with ChatGPT, he could work at four jobs simultaneously. Thanks to this program, he now earns over $500,000 (£400,000) from two positions alone; it assists him with writing code and forming coherent business memos.

To achieve his aim of having a net worth of $10 million (£ 8 million) by age 35, this tech worker is looking for a way for a third party to replicate his voice and image, so they can use ChatGPT as a substitute to ‘do my job for me.’ They also admitted to using AI technology to write emails with professional language since they confessed that their writing skills are not up to par compared to other people.

The workers the Vice spoke to saw their activities as not immoral, similar to someone who has two jobs during the day and night. One expressed his skepticism towards getting more pay for working harder at one company, claiming it was a practical way to gain extra income. They were also content with keeping this scheme hidden since they understood their advantage might be temporary.

When their managers realize how an AI – which requires no wages – can do a substantial part of their job, they could be unintentionally excluded from the labor market. Ryan remarked to Vice that this situation would be similar to ‘one loom operator, as opposed to, you know, 100 weavers’. Do you utilize ChatGPT or any other AI system to permit you to take on multiple full-time jobs?

Study Reveals: Will A Robot Take Your Job?

Princeton University in New Jersey, US, studied the 20 occupations most vulnerable to automation by artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Call center operator topped the list of those professions that could be made redundant due to AI. The eight other positions at risk include teaching various subjects, such as languages, history, law, and religion. Although ChatGPT has been used for various tasks like passing exams, delivering sermons, and providing relationship advice, it remains unclear whether these technologies will take away our jobs.

ChatGPT has emerged as a powerful tool for workers to handle multiple tasks efficiently, enhance customer experiences, and improve productivity in various industries. Its ability to process language and understand human queries has paved the way for new possibilities in how workers interact with AI technology. As technology advances, ChatGPT and similar AI models will likely play an increasingly important role in the workforce, transforming how tasks are handled and augmenting human capabilities in the workplace.

Source: Mail Online

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