Leverage Chatgpt’s AI Technology To Automatically Write Emails: Microsoft, Salesforce And Tiktok Creators Are Hopping On The Trend

ChatGPT, created by artificial intelligence (AI), is becoming indispensable for businesses looking to create custom email pitches. Companies such as Salesforce and Microsoft are adding tighter integration with this AI chatbot into their software, proving its use in the business sector is increasing.

A recent viral TikTok video revealed that it is possible to employ ChatGPT United with Google Sheets to craft customized LinkedIn messages and send inviting requests to many executives. The video demonstrated providing 10 desired enterprises from a certain industry and their CEOs, featuring unique queries with each communication.

Creator Alexa Klufas produced the video seen on TikTok, specifically aimed at those interested in tech industry operations.

Alexa Klufas says:

“I think we’re at a very interesting inflection point of how we’ll begin to use AI in the future in our day-to-day lives that wasn’t as easily accessible even six months ago, before ChatGPT was more readily available to the public.”

With the video garnering over 2.5 million views and scores of curious comments on how it worked, it struck a nerve. The posted techniques demonstrated in the video were similar to previous posts that went viral, spurring curiosity about how things work.

In a rush to integrate the software with artificial intelligence capabilities designed to replicate content reminiscent of human writing, Big Tech enterprises and start-ups alike are scooping up Generative AI, which is a new wave significantly attributed to the utilization of technology powered by large language model (LLM) techniques such as ChatGPT.

Companies are gearing up to use LLM-based products to their advantage; by integrating next-level chatbots into search engines such as Microsoft and Google, the aim is to create possibilities for the bots who can write marketing copy or computer code. Financial gains are expected with such innovative ideas.

Using technological advancements, Klufas has illustrated how the potential could be monetized soon—with chatbots quickly writing and personalizing automated emails for various uses, including sales, marketing, or even networking. That said, both Microsoft and Salesforce have recently unveiled fresh products with these same functionalities.

Credit Suisse analysts noted in an earlier-month report the tangible, near-term possibility of AI and email generation cutting into Microsoft’s market share, forecasting their new generative features might add $768 million to their yearly income.

Introducing The Latest Products Coming To Market

Salesforce recently released its new product, EinsteinGPT, which is an LLM (organic language machine), and it integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT model to write marketing emails automatically. This addition to their software allows sales personnel to keep track of contact with leads more easily and helps maximize business success.

Eager to demonstrate EinsteinGPT, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff used the software Tuesday to identify two contacts at a company and produce an understood email trying to get a meeting; with the prompt to be more informal, the AI-generated message was accordingly softened.

Source: .cnbc

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