ChatGPT Estimates Impact On U.S. Job Market – Here’s How Many Workers

GPTChat recognizes the potential risk that AI poses to workers’ employment options. This fact is acknowledged by its enhanced intelligence.

OpenAI’s “generative AI” tool was asked by Challenger, Gray & Christmas – an outplacement and executive coaching firm – a question in plain English. The question: How many American jobs will it replace? According to the generative AI, an estimated 4.8 million jobs could potentially be replaced.

English Speakers Preferred: This AI job pays six figures and offers great opportunities for those wishing to work in the field.

Chatbots and LLMs like ChatGPT and Dall-E may cause great concern among workers and policymakers concerning job displacement, a danger confirmed by Goldman Sachs in a recent report that projected AI technology could lead to up to 18% of job losses worldwide.

ChatGPT is extensively used in multiple industries, allowing employees to complete tasks that require human intervention. This makes it easier for professionals to meet their deadlines with relative ease.

Senior vice president Andrew says:

“Right now, artificial intelligence should be viewed as a tool to support workers and not as a replacement for their roles. Certainly, predictive language models can be used to automate tasks, giving workers more time to focus on those involving higher thinking,”

ChatGPT can be used for jobs that involve language and repetition, as its capabilities are suited to such tasks. The outplacement firm asked what positions this would make it suitable for, to which ChatGPT answered that these roles require language and frequently occur in predictable patterns. ChatGPT predicted that LLMs could one day replace workers in the following roles:

– Customer service representatives

– Technical writers

– Translators and interpreters

– Copywriters

– Data entry clerks

Fields that ChatGPT sees itself as most capable of entering include:

– Data Science

– Machine learning

– Computer science

– Mathematics and statistics

– Robotics and automation

– Business

ChatGPT – like other cycles of innovation before it – could create more jobs than it eliminates. For example, prompt engineering is an area with increased demand due to ChatGPT; AI, healthcare, and legal fields are already searching for prompt engineers to train LLMs to answer their queries effectively.

Prompt Engineering combines programming, teaching, and directing as an art form. This highly sought-after role offers great financial rewards- reaching the six-figure salary range- without requiring pre-existing coding skills or experience.

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the analysis by ChatGPT highlights the need for a proactive approach to automation and AI in the workplace. While the technology can potentially improve productivity and efficiency, it must be implemented responsibly and ethically that prioritizes the well-being of workers and communities. Doing so can create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Source: @cbsmoneywatch

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