ChatGPT AI Tool Helps Dark and Darker Developers Create Content Faster

Dark and Darker, an upcoming looter by Korean developer Ironmace, has employed ChatGPT to demonstrate its innocence of copyright violations. Nexon, another Korean developer – which several Ironmace employees used to work for – accused the company of using their game (P3) as a prototype for Dark and Darker. This has sparked an investigation by Ironmace into the matter.

Nexon issued a cease and a DMCA takedown to Ironmace, removing Dark and Darker from Steam due to their “distorted claims.” Over the weekend, compliance with these was necessary for the developer.

Ironmance requested “understanding” from its users as it worked to get the game back on the site. It cautioned not to jeopardize its position; it had to be cautious with its statements due to the delicate legal aspect of this issue.

Ironmace recently released a statement in response to Nexon Korea Corporation’s DMCA’ Takedown Notice’ about the serious accusations of Copyright Infringement and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets. The update, shared on Reddit, was intended to address these issues.

“Ironmace used ChatGPT in its defence, in an amusing manner. The segment added humour to the statement, showcasing Ironmace’s creative side.”

The concept of adventurers exploring dungeons with monsters and treasures in search of riches is so widely used in fantasy games that it can be applied to various genres. This idea was demonstrated by an AI chatbot, showcasing how expansive the concept can be across multiple fantasy titles.

This is what ChatGPT came up with when the developer asked it to create a “description for a generic PvP Dungeon Crawling game,” like that of Dark and Darker and Nexon’s P3:

Players will face off against each other in a dungeon that’s a challenge in every way – treacherous traps, difficult puzzles, and ferocious foes lie within. Crawl your way through the dangerous maze and compete to be the champion of this PvP dungeon game!

Players must traverse the dungeon and battle hostile creatures while using the abilities of their chosen class to solve puzzles as they venture further down into the dungeon. Each class has its unique capabilities and playstyle for players to explore.

Players must battle monsters and each other in intense PvP combat – they can attack to take what’s theirs or gain an edge, yet be prepared for a possible surprise attack. Loot can be taken, and strategies built to achieve victory but beware of being caught by rivals.

Players on their quest can accumulate various tools and magical items which can be traded between them or purchased from NPCs. Loot, weapons, and other goods acquired through this journey will help them on their way.

Players must choose wisely when deciding to attack other players and when to progress through the dungeon. Successful strategic planning and resource management are essential for victory, as they only have a finite supply of arms, spells, and health to rely on.

Players keen on a blend of PvE, and PvP will find this game highly engaging and competitive. The aim is to get past all the dungeon levels, defeat opponents on their way, and eventually confront the final boss. Ultimately, the goal is to conquer the last level of the dungeon.

Ironmace said that the commonalities between the two games could be attributed to common conventions in their respective genres, a phenomenon applicable to many similar games.

Ironmace addressed the incident involving Nexon’s former employee, who was reportedly fired for exposing company data and assets.

Ironmace claims that Nexon fired an employee based on “unproven claims” after it came to light that the employee had decided to leave due to a lack of trust with one of their superiors and the tense atmosphere at the company.

Despite receiving positive feedback during its 2020 milestone presentation, an employee’s project at Nexon was ‘unceremoniously canceled. Moreover, Ironmace noted that several other projects met a similar fate during this same timeframe.

The former employee says:

“He’d likely pursue a project in the same genre as P3 Project [the game he was heading up development of at Nexon]”, but “explicitly clarified that any development would be made completely from scratch”.

“This fact has been noted, in witness testimony collected by the police, investigating a separate personal lawsuit filed against the accused member, by Nexon,”

“The accused member’s ability to inspire in his peers a trust strong enough to enable them to leave Nexon of their own free will and join Ironmace – despite the risks that come with joining a startup – is demonstrated by the nine out of the twenty-plus P3 Project team members who made this choice,”

Ironmace has insisted that throughout the production of both Dark and Darker, no wrongdoings have been committed and provided proof of their claims – contrary to what Nexon alleges.

It is challenging to accept that Nexon possesses a fair assumption of alleged copyright infringement by Ironmace regarding the P3 project based on the invaluable provided.

Ironmace isis accused of misappropriating Nexon’s trade secret information for producing Dark and Darker. However, no proof of this has been provided; it is based on detailed claims.

Ironmace firmly rejects Nexon’s claims of a breach of Valve’s SSA and SOCR, insisting that such an accusation only limits their ability to distribute the game to PC players and hinders their business prospects. Ironmace implores Nexon to revoke these unsubstantiated assertions.

We welcome Nexon to quickly and decisively end this matter by accommodating the comparison of source code, custom assets, and design documents with the police, should they wish to compete on merit.

Using AI tools in intellectual property law is an exciting development, and it will be interesting to see how it develops. As technology advances, we can expect AI tools to play an increasingly important role in protecting intellectual property rights.


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