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ChatBotKit is a comprehensive platform that offers an extensive range of tools and services for creating and managing advanced online chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This platform allows users to build complex AI chat easily bots with powerful features, such as natural language understanding, conversation context tracking, automated responses, and more. It also provides essential support services for monitoring the performance of their bots, making any necessary changes or adjustments, and ensuring they are running optimally at all times.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of features, including the ability to create custom datasets, utilize custom skillsets, integrate with Slack and widgets, leverage GPT-3.5 support for natural language processing (NLP), moderate content effectively, perform semantic search operations quickly, build applications without writing code through its no-code platform. Take advantage of simple pricing options that are easy to understand and affordable for most budgets, and customize the system in extreme detail.

Additionally, a monthly membership program provides subscribers unrestricted access to any features available through the chatbot. This subscription-based service allows members to take advantage of the many benefits of using this revolutionary technology. From direct customer support to personalized conversations, users can experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency when utilizing the chatbot’s diverse range of capabilities.

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