Biden Executive Order For Woke Artificial Intelligence: What You Need To Know

The recent Biden Executive Order for ‘Woke’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been causing waves in the digital world and beyond. Some have described this order as a major paradigm shift in AI development, with profound implications for business, society, and the economy.

This new wave of AI raises questions of fairness, safety, and effectiveness while raising the specter of privacy concerns or even a form of ‘social cancer.’ While this order promises to bring remarkable innovation and new opportunities, it presents complex challenges that must be overcome to realize its potential in this age of highly connected technology.

On Thursday, President Biden issued an executive order that could potentially lead to the development of controversial AI technology that—according to its critics—encourages prejudice and breeds division along racial lines.

The order directs each federal agency to create an annual “equity action plan” to assist “underserved communities.”

Instructing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is an integral part of embedding Equity within Government-wide processes. OMB must be shown how to implement these Equity elements into the existing processes to reach a successful conclusion.

The Director of the Office of Management and Budget says:

“To support equitable decision-making, promote equitable deployment of financial and technical assistance, and assist agencies in advancing equity, as appropriate and wherever possible.”

“When designing, developing, acquiring, and using artificial intelligence and automated systems in the Federal Government, agencies shall do so, consistent with applicable law, in a manner that advances equity.”

Concerning the initiative [being condemned], tech experts and political influencers on Twitter viewed it as a moral hazard. Christopher Rufo, who drew attention to the “critical race theory,” warned that such an action would be disastrous.

Christopher Rufo says:

“Biden’s new executive order creating a national DEI bureaucracy has a special mandate for woke AI. The order instructs the federal government to ‘[protect] the public from algorithmic discrimination’ and to deploy AI systems ‘in a manner that advances equity.’”

While expressing alarm at president Biden’s ideology, Manhattan Institute fellow Colin Wright stated that a Republican government must “fully root out” it and any potential “social cancer” from the country if elected. He warned that such technology would be a “fatal” event for society if injected as deeply and broadly as possible.

Using AI to promote racial discrimination is the worst possible scenario imaginable for the future of our children – and their children. Unprecedented changes will arise due to AI, and therefore, we must steer clear from deploying technologies that only encourage racial division.

Without any substance, this is just a new executive order from Biden that intimidates social media and artificial intelligence companies into following strict “woke” rules. Jeremy Carl, the senior fellow for the Claremont Institute, commented.

The cognitive bias that exists in AI presents a real danger to democracy and society as a whole. The government must regulate this industry before it gets out of hand. Joe Biden’s executive order is a good first step, but more must be done to ensure our artificial intelligence is ethically sound.

Source: FoxNews

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