AspenTech Recognized At 2022 IOT Evolution Awards For Outstanding Contributions

AspenTech is proud to announce that it’s been recognized with an IOT Evolution Award, honoring our team that was integral behind the success of modernizing production processes across numerous industries. The IOT Evolution Awards were created to honor companies transforming their business operations and manufacturing capabilities by leveraging digital technologies such as the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for a more connected process engineering future.

We are delighted to share that the Aspen AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) Hub™ has been honored with the 2022 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award. ear Award.ear Award.

This high-esteem award celebrates the most innovative products and solutions powering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

We have continually held faith in the IIOT’s capacity to aid capital-intensive businesses in attaining greater achievement. Industries encounter issues such as changing market forces, government regulations, and the requirement to undergo digital transformation.

To assist business executives in staying up-to-date, we created the Aspen AIoT Hub — an adaptable, comprehensive platform tailored to provide industrial businesses with guidance on various digital projects.

In the past two years, our platform has enabled businesses to gather data seamlessly from both on-premises systems and the cloud, allowing them to produce efficient IIOT solutions. Before this, industrial corporations had difficulty collecting data in a way that would help them adjust to changing business requirements.o changing business requirements.

The Aspen AIoT Hub provides companies with improved data visualizations, contextualization, and analysis capabilities that can be used to make decisions quickly. Additionally, this platform gives businesses access to the historical records they need.

How The Aspen AIoT Hub Has Helped Businesses Achieve Success

Before collaborating with AspenTech, ORYX GTL, a gas-to-liquids (GTL) facility that changes natural gas into liquid products, did not have consolidated production data, analytical instruments for analyzing the data, and efficient issue identification systems.

We used two AspenTech programs, IP21 and A1PE, to tackle a complex issue like this one. Aspen IP.21 Historian™ (IP21) and AspenONE Process Explorer™ (A1PE) were the solutions we relied on.

Aspen IP21 gathered data from multiple sources, and then A1PE used the information to create monitor reports, process graphics, and dashboards for better visualization.

Through our partnership, ORYX GTL combined our solutions with their MES portal to create a comprehensive platform for MES functions, data, documents, and KPIs.

Industrial organizations can utilize the Aspen AIoT Hub to:

  • Make it possible for humans and machines to work together without interruption.
  • Align industrial data management.
  • Convert raw data quickly into results that can be seen in the business.
  • Construct and oversee industrial AI applications to be used at the corporate level, and make them available on demand.

A Special Congrats To The AspenTech Team – Celebrate Success!

Creating solutions to accommodate industries facing huge changes was difficult, particularly when introducing and improving products during the worldwide health crisis.

The past two years have demonstrated how Industrial AI can enhance the digital transformation initiatives of numerous organizations.

We are grateful to our incredible team, who responded quickly and effectively as many asked for help from AspenTech. We are proud to have aided them through these uncertain times.

Anticipation is high for what’s to come. Keep an eye on our blog for more information about how AspenTech’s offerings aid capital-intensive businesses in their digital transformation processes.

AspenTech’s successful winning of the 2022 IOT Evolution Awards is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Through continuous innovation and development, they’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and create an impressive portfolio of products and services, enabling them to achieve exceptional customer results. The award reflects their hard work and dedication over the years and resilience in months of uncertain times.

By remaining focused on delivering quality solutions, AspenTech has proven to be trustworthy partner with organizations for reliable solutions that will help them progress and thrive into the future. We look forward to seeing what amazing things AspenTech will conquer next!


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