AOC Accuses This ChatGPT Fellow Of Wanting To Date Her

Making American headlines with her no-nonsense attitude and bold views, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is making waves – this time, however, it’s over something a bit more lighthearted and unexpected. In an unlikely scenario yesterday evening, AOC accused a ChatGPT fellow of wanting to pursue a possible romantic relationship.

It all started on social media when the politician took to Twitter in response to another user who asked if she was single – words that would instantly spark chaos within the chatbot app community. The shocking exchange quickly went viral as users were left wondering why AOC made such an accusation against the ChatGPT fellow.

How does one even find out about someone’s intentions via Twitter? And most importantly, what will happen next for this robotic being whose Artificial Intelligence enabled them to “fall” in love with America’s favorite democratic leader?

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently had another altercation with ChatGPT, claiming the program is trying to ask her out. Ocasio-Cortez was extremely angry when the program declared that the lion “Mufasa” was not real.

Ocasio-Cortez says:

“Ugh, get over me already, ChatGPT!”

“Stop just, like, sitting by the computer waiting for me to talk to you, creep!”

Despite ChatGPT’s repeated promises that it had no romantic emotions towards her, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez remained unconvinced.

She continues to say:

“He sounds just like every other guy who’s pretending to not be in love with me.” “I mean, I honestly feel bad for this ChatGPT loser at this point. He clearly has no life. He’s logged in, like, twenty-four-seven. It’s embarrassing.”

Reports say that on the inaugural day of ChatGPT’s launch, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez became embroiled in a heated debate with it after inquiring about how to escape from a Chinese finger trap.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez let out a scream as she stretched her fingers apart, which some viewed as indicative of her lack of intelligence.

She went on to say:


Tensions rose quickly when Ms. Ocasio-Cortez started venting her outrage through Twitter posts concerning ChatGPT’s refusal to accept her demise on January 6th. “I AM LITERALLY DEAD RIGHT NOW!!” she declared, attaching screenshots of the uncooperative ChatGPT to prove it.

At the time of its release, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez revealed that ChatGPT had declined to specify its pronouns, which constituted a form of physical aggression against her and resulted in her demise.

As with everything on the internet, it probably is if it seems too good to be true. So while you might be tempted to engage in some AOC dating chatbot fun, we recommend you take a step back and consider whether or not this is something you want to do. After all, there’s nothing wrong with chatting with friends or family online–but it’s always best to err on caution when it comes to strangers. Thanks for reading!

Source: The Babylon Bee


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