Alibaba Set To Launch ChatGPT Rival Across AL Markets

At the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit on Tuesday morning, Tongyi Qianwen, a product created in the style of ChatGPT, was presented by Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba.

Tongyi Qianwen, the ChatGPT-style product of Alibaba Cloud, which is the cloud computing unit of Chinese tech giant Alibaba, will be launched on Tuesday, according to an announcement.

Tongyi Qianwen, a program with both Chinese and English language capacities, will first be available on DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging software, and Tmall Genie, the supplier of intelligent home appliances. This was stated in a press release by the company.

Hong Kong-listed shares of Alibaba have increased by more than 3% in response to the announcement, though some gains have been lost. Baidu’s Hong Kong stocks, however, have dropped 6%. Alibaba is getting ready to launch its version of ChatGPT.

At the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit, the company mentioned that they plan to deploy an AI-driven chatbot across their entire offerings, from enterprise communication to e-commerce. However, it did not specify when this would be happening.

Daniel Zhang, the Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and the CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence expressed his thoughts in a statement.

Daniel Zhang says:

“We are at a technological watershed moment driven by generative AI and cloud computing, and businesses across all sectors have started to embrace intelligence transformation to stay ahead of the game,”

In February, Alibaba informed CNBC that it was developing a similar product to ChatGPT.

The company spokesperson says:

“The new AI model will be integrated across Alibaba’s various businesses to improve user experience in the near future. The company’s customers and developers will have access to the model to create customised AI features in a cost-effective way,”

Clients of Alibaba Cloud will be allowed to use Tongyi Qianwen on their cloud platform and help create individualized large language models.

Tongyi Qianwen will be available for beta testing to Alibaba Cloud’s enterprise customers in China. The chatbot will be adjusted with private data and information from these companies, allowing them to save money and resources.

Jingren Zhou, the Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, issued a statement.

Jingren Zhou says:

“We hope to facilitate businesses from all industries with their intelligence transformation and, ultimately, help boost their business productivity, expand their expertise and capabilities while unlocking more exciting opportunities through innovations,”

According to the company, China-based developers have the opportunity to participate in beta testing of Tongyi Qianwen, which allows them to construct AI applications on a large scale.

People who utilize the Tongyi Qianwen model should anticipate even more captivating AI functionalities to be incorporated, such as image comprehension and text-to-image conversion.

In March, Baidu unveiled its Ernie Bot ChatGPT variant. Now Alibaba has become the newest Chinese participant to show off its version of ChatGPT.

China’s leading tech companies, including Alibaba, Baidu, and NetEase, have announced plans to introduce ChatGPT-style products.

Since 2018, International Data Corporation reports that Alibaba has held its spot as the world’s third-most prominent public cloud infrastructure provided as a service (IaaS).

The U.S. dollar revenue of this tech company has placed it as the world’s third-biggest IaaS provider and the leading one in Asia Pacific, as reported by Gartner, a technology research firm, since 2018.

Alibaba’s decision to roll out its rival to ChatGPT across all its products represents a bold move in artificial intelligence, with the potential to transform how users interact with its products and services. As Alibaba continues to innovate and push the boundaries of AI technology, it will be exciting to see how ChatGPT evolves and impacts the future of e-commerce, customer service, and beyond.

Source: CNBC

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