AITX Applauds Circadian Risk’s Partnership With Setracon Enterprise

On April 11, 2023, Circadian Risk, Inc., an innovator in enterprise risk analysis software-as-a-service and scenario-based assessment products, declared a strategic collaboration with Setracon Enterprise Risk Management Services™. The program helps firms comply with the security process and risk management principles. As part of the partnership, Setracon will utilize the Circadian Risk Enhanced Solutions™ suite of software programs; Jeffrey Slotnick (Founder & President) and Michael Keneipp (Chief Security & Technology Officer) from Setracon will be joining Circadian Risk’s advisory board.

Slotnick says:

“Circadian Risk and Setracon share the same mindset about how organizations need to look at risk, and both companies are using technology to transform security assessments into interactive, actionable tools for reducing liability and risk,”

“Since 2003, Setracon has built software to facilitate risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments and provide senior security executives with analytical data to support critical decision-making,”

“After meeting with Circadian Risk, we quickly realized that combining our knowledge and expertise would produce a product that could exceed both companies’ present offerings and provide end users with a premium experience.”

Steve Reinharz, CEO of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTCPK: AITX), and Mark Folmer CPP, FSyI, President of Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), a subsidiary of AITX, were instrumental in forming the recent partnership between Circadian Risk and Setracon. Martin and Slotnick are both part of RAD’s Board of Advisors.

On January 13, 2023, AITX revealed they had invested in Risk, providing a potential foundation for teaming up with RAD and standees, not in competition.

Clients of Setracon will transition to the Circadian Risk Enhanced Solutions suite, and both Slotnick and Keneipp—who have been certified by Sandia National Laboratories—will be instrumental in forming the future of the Circadian Risk SaaS offering with their consulting services and content development.

Daniel Young is the originator and leading innovator of Circadian Risk, an organization he founded.

Daniel Young says:

“I am excited to see two companies with the same philosophy working together to disrupt the industry by assisting in enhancing standards and regulations, while developing technology to change how risk analysis is done,”

“This collaboration will save lives and assets and pave the way for Circadian Risk’s True Risk Score™.”

Enhanced Solutions portfolio provides security, safety, and Risk professionals with the ability to construct personalized assessments and Risk analysis visualizations in close to real-time. This assists organizations in optimizing mitigation strategies, managing projects related to implementation, and validating alterations while informing executives and employees of modifications in dynamic risk levels.

Folmer says:

“The joining together of these two organizations is a big win for advancing the risk analysis industry,”

“It combines experience, technology, thought leadership, and innovation under one umbrella focused on delivering results for customers in need of dynamic results.”

Reinharz adds to say:

“AITX is thrilled with seeing and supporting Circadian Risk’s journey forward,”

Gustave Lipman, Chairman of Circadian Risk, says:

“The combination of Circadian Risk and Setracon unites two leaders in a common mission to identify, calibrate, and manage risk,”

“The combination positions Circadian Risk for strong growth among leading and critical sectors.”

What Is Circadian Risk? Learn About This Innovative Company

Circadian Risk has revolutionized dynamic risk analysis SaaS with its Enhanced Solutions™ suite. This suite enables organizations to closely monitor their risks, handle multiple threat, hazard, and compliance scenarios, and effectively communicate these risks throughout the organization for optimal control.

The software uses a logical, score-based approach to provide interactive dashboards and visualizations that are updated in close to real-time to optimize decision-making. It offers assessments both online and offline. To learn more about it, please go to or schedule an appointment for a demonstration.

Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services™ offers consultation and instruction to assist businesses with adhering to the optimal practices, ANSI, ASIS, and ISO standards in risk management, facility security, and physical asset protection.

Setracon specialists evaluate potential risks, evaluate programs independently, investigate differences between expected and actual performance, and create plans for risk control, regulations, and protocols.

AITX celebrates the partnership between Circadian Risk and Setracon Enterprise Risk Management Services and looks forward to witnessing this collaboration’s positive impact on the risk management field. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, organizations can proactively manage risks and create safer environments for their employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Source: AITX – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

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