March 1: The AIS Boat Inspection Stations Opening Date

As the spring and summer months draw closer, boating season will soon arrive in Wyoming. Starting March 1, any watercraft entering the state must be inspected for invasive aquatic species as part of a mandatory procedure. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department strongly encourage boaters to comply with such inspections before entering Cowboy State.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds boaters that a certified AIS inspector must first inspect any vessel launching on Wyoming waters.

Boaters are advised to take the time to check out the Game and Fish website, which provides an inspector listing. It is recommended that they plan for any necessary inspections.

Starting in March, Wyoming’s Game and Fish AIS check stations will start operating again. All boaters must stop when they enter an open AIS check station while traveling.

Staying vigilant is the best way to combat AIS. To make the check station process go faster, watercraft owners should ensure their vessels are Clean, Drained, and Dry before arriving. Furthermore, boaters must keep in mind that this spring, they should:

– From March 1 to November 30, an authorized inspector must inspect any watercraft entering Wyoming before it is launched on any Wyoming waterway. However, suppose the craft has been used on a body of water suspected or known to have invasive mussels in the last month. In that case, it must be inspected and possibly decontaminated year-round before launching.

Boaters entering Wyoming must go through an AIS inspection station on their travel route; if they cannot locate one, they should look for a place to get inspected before going onto any waterway in the state. Locations of these inspections can be found on the AIS website.

– All watercraft used in Wyoming waters, except for soft and hard-sided stand-up paddle boards, amphibious vehicles propelled by wheels, and non-motorized inflatable watercraft 10 feet long or less, must display a Wyoming AIS decal. These types of watercraft are not required to have a decal but still need to be inspected if they originate from out of state. Along with this requirement, all watercraft must also be registered.

– Whenever a boater passes a check station, it is mandatory for them to make a stop at the established check stations. If you wish to have an inspection done, contact the relevant regional offices of Game and Fish in advance.

– If the watercraft has been given a seal by an approved inspector and is accompanied by a valid receipt, it can be launched without further inspection. Immediately before entering the destination waters, the transporter may take off the seal. The seal and accompanying receipt must stay with them on the water.

– Boaters must stop at any open AIS check station if a watercraft has been inspected and is equipped with an up-to-date seal and accompanying receipt. Possessing the correct seal and a valid receipt will help speed up the inspection process.

If you need the most recent news on Wyoming AIS, go to the Game and Fish website. Additionally, you can purchase a 2023 AIS decal online. There is an option of one or three-year registration for boats registered in Wyoming that combines watercraft registration and AIS Decal.

The opening of AIS boat inspection stations on March 1 marks an important step in protecting our waterways from the spread of invasive aquatic species. These inspection stations, equipped with trained personnel and specialized equipment, will help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species such as zebra mussels and Eurasian watermilfoil.

Implementing AIS boat inspection stations is a proactive approach to protecting water resources and preserving natural ecosystems. By requiring all watercraft to be inspected and potentially decontaminated before entering a body of water, we can help to prevent the spread of invasive species and minimize the ecological and economic impacts of these invaders.

Source: Wyo4News

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