AI Program Blunder: Mistakenly Identifies Bay County Sheriff Ford

Ford entered his name into the sophisticated artificial intelligence program Chat GPT. He carefully typed in the characters of his first and last name, wondering what kind of response he would receive from this cutting-edge technology. He was expecting an automated reply but had no idea how accurate or advanced it would be.

Ford says:

“I said, who is Sheriff Tommy Ford and was very shocked at the response and that it said that I died in 2018,”

He wondered if the computer had somehow mistaken him for someone else with the same name, Tommy Ford. Every time he attempted to enter the command, he was met with precisely the same response. He couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong – perhaps the machine thought there were two of him.

Ford continues to say:

“It talks about me dying from covid in 2020 in another article, then I do another prompt asking again, it says that I died in 2016 and goes into great detail over me having surgery for a torn artery and later had a stroke and dying from that,”

If you search the site for information about Sheriff Ford’s death, it will generate links to local media outlets, including our website. Unfortunately, these links are not valid since they were created by an automated system that is not accurate.

Ford went on to say:

“We can laugh about this incorrectly saying I died, but if you were to use this for some, serious research or use this to try to gain facts, then you may not be getting the truth and that’s concerning,”

“Answer some questions about what happened and click a button and the police reports filled out and I think it could potentially even on some of these individuals conduct the research on databases, on information about them and put together an investigative report, which, again, has a lot of promise but it also has to be done very cautiously because it’s important that it be right and at this point, I don’t have that confidence,”

It is untrue that Sheriff Tommy Ford has passed away; reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile, the advancement of AI is ongoing and may bring a wealth of benefits in times to come.

AI technology holds enormous promise, and it is important to recognize its limitations and work to develop responsible and ethical practices to ensure that it is used to benefit society in a safe and reliable manner.


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