AI-Powered Chatbot Technology From The Newest Startup: Forget ChatGPT

GPT4 has allowed ChatGPT to advance its capabilities, yet it has been edged out in the competition to produce AI-generated videos by another contender.

Runway Research, a New York startup, is announcing the Gen 2 system to create 3-second looping videos from either images or text. The product won’t be available yet; however, a promotional video of its release” very soon, “and anyone interested can join the waiting list now.

Runway’s website provides interesting previews that can be imagined and created. Both Google’s Bard AI and ChatGPT have used text-to-video creation during testing, resembling supercharged GIFs that showcase the potential of these technologies.

Although some were hoping for GPT4 to be launched with video capabilities, presently, it can only process and edit images, not videos.

Runway provides video and image editing services; additionally, its AI technology can layer textures and effects on an existing video, providing a perfect real-time match with static frames.

You can use Runway to open up endless possibilities, such as transforming existing videos into cartoons. For instance, featured on the Runway website is an example of a video with spots added to a golden retriever in the style of a Dalmatian.

A Comprehensive Guide To How Runway AI Video Works

The authors explain that structure and content govern their video synthesis method through diffusion models. Specifically, this system works by propagating changes in the content across successive frames with a connected graph structure, resulting in novel and uninterrupted video sequences.

“Our latent video diffusion model synthesizes new videos given structure and content information. We ensure structural consistency by conditioning on depth estimates while content is controlled with images or natural language. Temporally stable results are achieved with additional temporal connections in the model and joint image and video training. Furthermore, a novel guidance method, inspired by classifier-free guidance, allows for user control over temporal consistency in outputs.”

Runway incorporates content-aware video diffusion and a model trained on large numbers of uncaptioned videos and text-image data to give the AI information about the video.

The potential to cause harm through AI-generated video is more real than with AI chatbots. Deepfake videos and images are becoming increasingly common, but people still tend to believe in the authenticity of video material; this notion will have to be re-evaluated.

When Runway becomes available, we’ll be sure to test it out and keep track of its contents; this is because although new technology brings amazing promise, there will always be the presence of upsetting content which must be filtered.

As this technology continues to advance, it is clear that AI-generated video will become an increasingly important tool for content creators. From marketing campaigns to educational materials, the possibilities are endless. As such, businesses and individuals must stay ahead of the curve and embrace this exciting new technology.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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