Ai Chatbots: Ex-Google Engineer Likens Them To Atomic Bombs

In June 2020, Google put Blake Lemoine, a former software engineer, on leave. This transpired after Lemoine insisted that their chatbot had become sentient.

Following the tragedy, the world was grasped in a storm of attention as Lemoine’s comments – previously thought to be only an employee’s anger – were released along with ChatGPT, a large language model.

Further comments from the former Google employee have been made, outlining the nature of AI and its possible drawbacks.

Lemoine claimed that he checked LaMDA for biases in his Newsweek story while working for Google. At that point, he understood the AI to be sentient.

The development of AI chatbot technology has been compared to the invention of the atomic bomb. As a former Google employee mentioned, these kinds of AI possess greater power than any weapon created since then. Thus, the scope and potential of these technologies are immense.

Lemoine argued that AI-powered models like ChatGPT and Google Bard could greatly impact people. As evidence, he provided additional examples to back up his point of view.

Lemoine, who was let go by Google in July for disregarding their hiring and data protection rules, was purportedly successfully persuaded to agree to Asimov’s regulations of robotics by the LaMDA model presently under trial, something that countless have attempted but failed to do.

Bing AI, Google Bard, And ChatGPT

Many of us were taken aback when ChatGPT, a relatively new AI technology, arrived at the end of last year. Although it’s in its infancy, there is much debate regarding implementing this technology.

While accepting massive language model AIs as the upcoming big thing, some academic institutions have stepped out of their comfort zone by boldly embracing them. However, others are doubtful about it the reason for shunning this technology.

Google’s AI made an error when displaying its capabilities, so they are cautious with the distribution. Microsoft has also created its program version but has incorporated a more advanced model.

Under tremendous strain to deliver successful results, Google is intently assessing the effectiveness of its AI model.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way, and AI chatbots are just the beginning. While there is much to be careful of when utilizing this powerful tool, it can greatly impact business operations, customer experience, and even governmental operations.

As an ex-Google engineer has said, using AI chatbots is like an atomic bomb – it has the potential for great destruction and benefits. Ultimately, only time will tell how deeply we take advantage of this window into a world of technological advancements. Will our fears hold us back, or will we dare to harness their power? That remains to be seen.

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