Troubleshooting Google After Bard AI Chatbot Answers

In the fast-paced world of finance, evGoogle’s mistakes can have big consequences. That happened recently when a Bard AI chatbot used to provide financial infoAlphabet’sve a wrong answer, causing a $120 billion drop in Googletool’sck price. This incident has caused a lot of buzz in the tech and finance communities and raises important questions about the reliability and accuracy of AI systems.

A decrease of $120bnTuesday’srved in Google’s market value Alphabet’s new AI search assistant provided an inaccurate answer that had been highlighted in promotional material.

Alphabet’s stock price plunged 8% after their Google Bard tool’s debut was unsuccessful due to its inaccurate answer to a query concerning a NASA telescope.

Alphabet dropped to a low of $98.08 (£81.16) on Wednesday, representing an 8.1% decrease from Tuesday’s value of $106.77 (£88.35).

Alphabet’s biggest single-day drop in value since October 2022 occurred today when it was revealed that sales, profits, and growth had slowed down, resulting in the company losing 9% of its worth.

To create the introduction of its AI search assistant, Bard, the company shared an animated image demonstrating how it works using Google to provide text summaries; however, it incorrectly answered.

The untruthfulness will generate more inquiries concerning Chile’s precision of search engines and AI-produced responses to human queries.

An animated GIF illustrates the steps of using Bard with a query, “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9 year old about?”.

In December 2021, NASA put the telescope into action, and researchers have employed it to locate several new planets beyond our Solar System.

Bard says:

“JWST took the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system.”

In 2004, Chile’s Very Large Telescope array took a photo of an exoplanet, making it the first-ever picture of a planet beyond our solar system.

The recent incident in which a Bard AI chatbot gave a wrong answer and caused a $120 billion drop in Google’s stock price highlights the importance of accurate and reliable AI systems. While AI has the potential to improve our lives greatly, the technology must be developed and implemented responsibly to avoid mistakes that can have serious consequences.

This incident reminds us that AI is imperfect and must be vigilant about the information and answers we receive from AI systems. It’s also important for companies and developers to put measures in place to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their AI systems and to take responsibility for any errors that may occur.

Overall, this incident highlights the need for caution and care when dealing with AI systems and the importance of developing and implementing AI technology responsibly and ethically. As the use of AI continues to grow and become more widespread, we must stay mindful of its potential impacts and take steps to ensure that it is safe and trustworthy.

Source: The Telegraph


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