GigaChat: Russia Leads The AI Race With Its ChatGPT Rival Technology

Sberbank, mostly state-owned, entered the AI race recently as they launched GigaChat, a conversational chatbot rival to ChatGPT. Russia is thus making its presence felt in this space of artificial intelligence.

It is expected that the recent move to adopt blockchain technology could trigger a battle for leadership positions in this revolutionary technology across the globe. With countries looking to compete for dominance related to blockchain, this development could lead to an intensification of competition in the field.

November of last year marked the debut of ChatGPT, a conversational AI model brought to us by OpenAI. With its impressive ability to carry out conversations, ChatGPT quickly gained traction, and people began recognizing AI’s wide range of capabilities.

From writing poems to essays, the chatbot is capable of quite a lot, and if Bill Gates is to be believed, AI could soon start tutoring kids too.

Microsoft, leading in the AI race, was investing in OpenAI monetarily and decided to incorporate its technology into Microsoft’s products. Not to be left behind, multiple tech companies have also recently released their versions of AI models.

ChatGPT’s Top Rivals In The AI Writing Assistant Space

Google, in an attempt to work on AI products, acquired DeepMind. Unfortunately, ChatGPT was unexpectedly released, and this caused Google to hastily unveil their own AI model – Bard- which backfired. Consequently, Google has now taken a more calculated approach to the future.

OpenAI recently allowed Bard to write and debug code by deploying Codex, another AI model.

The potential benefits of AI technology are immense, but they must be balanced with concerns about privacy, security, and the potential impact on jobs and society. By working together to develop and regulate AI technology, we can ensure that these tools are used to benefit humanity as a whole.

Source: @IntEngineering

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